Oriel Jonah Jones is a long-term project to catalogue and display all his known work in a definitive online resource.

Although during his lifetime Jonah was predominantly regarded as a sculptor and letter-cutter, the ease of access afforded by the internet now allows the luxury of hindsight. Today we can see the true breadth of his work in multiple media and dimensions. If you are coming newly to his work, here is a short slideshow introduction (opens in new window).

We’ve divided the work into the six galleries below. Each is further divided into contextually logical categories, some by types or styles of work and others by timeline or location.

In Scene & Word we refer to ‘Lost Work’, meaning pieces that long ago went off into private collections, or elsewhere, with no known record of what they were or where they went. Tell us about Lost Work, an important feature of Oriel Jonah Jones, invites visitors to get in touch via the form provided and tell us about any Lost Work about which they may have information.

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